Needbe – Marina Bay campaign

2019-07-15T10:14:16+00:00 24 Jun 2019|

New Clean-Tag campaign carried out by our Tag AD Agency team for our new Needbe employee.

Needbe is a digital platform for the student job that reverses trends and reinvents the codes of student hiring through this one.

This campaign was made during the Pop-Up Marina Bay last week!

So if you are looking for students, it’s here =>

And if you are a student and you want to talk to you about different jobs, go here =>

For more information on their Needbe page or on their website:!


Thanks to Needbe for their trust!

Have a nice week


Merci à Tag AD pour leur super tag Needbe lors du Pop Up Marina Bay d'hier après-mid ! 😊

Publiée par Needbe sur Vendredi 21 juin 2019