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Create the buzz

We innovate by organising and carrying out extraordinary and creative campaigns:

clean tags, chalk tags, special flyers, street animations .
We do our best to attract the eyes of the public.
We are also recognised for our environmental ambition-we aim to minimize the impact of our advertising on the environment like with our Clean Tags, for example.
Thanks to our innovative techniques, your communication will not go unnoticed!

Promotion campaign

For every type of promotion related to services and items for consumers.

Recruiting campaign

Spread your job offer or wanted profile for your company

Prevention campaign

We wish to spread a message of well mannered behaviour.

Humanitarian campaign

We set up a special campaign for fundraising, awareness, …

What is tag-AD?

Tag-AD is an extraordinary, dynamic and long lasting communication agency!

Our project is based on overwhelming evidence: the Belgian public is getting tired of ordinary mass media. Therefore we have specialised ourselves in street marketing-an innovative way to get in touch with the public.

Our services

It effectively involves a marketing technique that uses the street and public places as advertisements, surprising the consumer in the street. Tag Ad surprises and attracts the consumer with a unique form of communication.


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Our services

If you desire to have a different communication, that’s original.
You are in the right place

The Clean-tag
Make the city cleaner while advertising on the floor, is it possible? Tag-AD proves it with its Clean-Tags. A stencil with your message, water unfit for consumption, a high-pressure cleaner, and so on ! !
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What is chalk tag?

Your message, a custom-made stencil filled in with chalk. That’s all we need to apply your message to the ground. We then fill it in with beautiful colours attractive to the eye.

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What is the Urban Buzz?

During an urban buzz the street becomes the stage for a unique kind of show that attracts all the eyes of pedestrians. The goal? To promote your service in an original way.

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Advertising trailer?

We put at your disposal our fleet of advertising trailers. For rent in the short or long term, these mobile advertising media allow you to position yourself anywhere in large format ! We take care of everything from the creation of tarpaulins to moving trailers !

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What is the wild display?

With tag ad we prefer unique advertising techniques to traditional methods. That’s why we offer you the wild display. It is a massive display of visuals (posters, signs, photographs, messages etc..) in a given area. We cover all possible surfaces with your message, displayed dozens of times on each of these surfaces. This undercover publicity pounding will create a buzz among the townspeople, who will wake up to see their neighbourhood lined with your posters!

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What are Corporate Presentation Videos?

In a time when visual culture is popular, it is important to use digital methods of advertising. This is what Tag-AD offers: a video presentation for your company, or one of its services. Our goal is to increase your visibility, whether on social networks, on television or on your own website. Our team of professionals is here to stage, make, film and edit your video! We adapt to your needs to achieve what you want, whatever your conditions.

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What is the personalizing service?

We provide a personalized service, tailored for your marketing ideas whatever they are: an event, a show, a unique advertising campaign and we will do everything we can to bring your ideas to life!

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Tag-AD agency exists since







Our works

Let yourself be tempted by a new communication
way by discovering our works :

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Below this, you will find some answers at frequently asked questions don’t hesitate to contact us for others questions!

Is it legal ?

Clean-tag 2019-04-17T12:17:22+00:00
It is not allowed to apply material on the ground without prior authorization. However, the Clean-tag is to clean the soil. This one does+n’t therefore damage the surface, on the contrary it cleans it. Soil cleaning doesn’t violate any current rules.
Chalk-tag 2019-04-17T12:19:15+00:00
It is not allowed to apply material on the ground without prior authorization. The Chalk-tag is considered as advertising graffiti. It’s therefore subject to requests for permission for its use on public spaces.
Buzz urbain 2019-04-17T12:15:42+00:00
The use of public space for commercial purposes is subject to applications for authorization from the municipality concerned.
Wild display 2019-04-17T12:14:54+00:00
This display method is considered as hacker. There is a calculated risk to the buzz that comes out. Together we plan a budget envelope for the regularization of any taxes for your campaign.

Is it possible to do it anywhere ?

Clean-tag 2019-04-17T12:13:45+00:00
Yes, everywhere on public places except the roads. In addition, some soils are not receptive to cleaning.
Chalk-tag 2019-04-17T12:13:01+00:00
This method has the advantage that it’s applicable on all soils.
Wild display 2019-04-17T12:12:16+00:00
We can do it in any city in your catchment area. Together we define the relevant places according to our knowledge of the field.

How long will it be visible ?

Clean-tag 2019-04-17T12:10:42+00:00

Between 4 and 8 weeks depending on the weather mostly. We can plan a re-application for a longer period.

Chalk-tag 2019-04-17T12:11:13+00:00

About 4 weeks. We can provide cleaning and / or re-application for a longer or shorter period.

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